The Radium Podcast Ep12! With C5!

The Radium Podcast Episode 12 is here with a new guest, C5. He is an artist out of Oakland who has been making music for the majority of his life. They talk about how wearing multiple hats can only get you so far but it can put you ahead of the one trick ponies. Some major topics discussed include XXXTENTACION being banned from Spotifys playlists, him losing 20% of his sales, and Childish Gambino’s sales rising almost 420% after the video release of “This Is America”. With many big artists dropping albums this summer, they go over their thoughts on who will make the sound of this summer that others will piggyback on. 

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Links to topics discussed in this podcast:

R Kelly and XxxTentacion are banned from Spotify playlists:

Xxxtentacion loses 20% of sales:

Childish Gambino’s sales rise 419% after “This is America” video release: