The Radium Podcast EP52! “Building Your Music Career” Ft. Simon Jay

ver wondered how music producers and composers sync license their music on big films, TV shows, and commercials?? Well, instead of us telling you how we’ve done it, we brought in someone that does it daily! Simon Jay is a songwriter, record producer, and composer for film/TV based in Los Angeles, CA. Simon’s professional music career began working on shows like the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Kennedy Center Honors, and various live-to-picture concerts for Walt Disney Animation Studios and the Television Academy. Since then, he has written over 100 songs for film/TV, produced songs with major-label recording artists, and composed/orchestrated for feature films, and major-network television shows throughout the world. Sit down with us as we weave through the world of music for all mediums. From sync licensing to custom production and writing with the artist… This episode is PACKED!

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