Radium POW! (Plugin Of The Week) EP4! “Vertigo VSM-3” | Mid Side Distortion

Looking for that thick, wide, and deep mastering fix? Whether you want some great distortion on a bass synth, or you’re looking for that “big record” sound, Vertigo Sound’s VSM-3 plugin is an absolute in our arsenal for mastering in the box. Step into this weeks episode of The Radium POW!! (Plugin Of The Week). Bradley Denniston jumps right in for a quick look at the “VSM-3” by Vertigo Sound. We use this plugin on 85% of the masters that come out of Radium Media. The VSM-3 plugin is a great alternative to the $7,300 hardware alternative! Tune in and find out how and why this plugin should be added to your tool box immediately if you are doing any sort of mastering. New episode drops every week so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and learn about all of our favorite plugins for production, composition, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering!

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