Radium POW! (Plugin Of The Week) EP5! “BX_Digital V3” | Mid-Side EQ Mastering

You’ve made a mix and are starting to master but the vocals get lost, sound thin, and become less focused because of the buss compression… What do you do? Let’s take a look at Mid-Side EQing with the BX_Digital V3 to help you with this issue. Step into this weeks episode of The Radium POW!! (Plugin Of The Week). Bradley Denniston jumps right in for a quick look at the “BX_Digital V3” by Brainworx. This EQ is very powerful for feeding your buss compression more or less of what it needs to help keep things tight and focused? Bradley shows you how to make sure you vocal still cuts in a cluttered mix with the Brainworx, BX_Digital V3 M/S EQ! New episode drops every week so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and learn about all of our favorite plugins for production, composition, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering!

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