Radium POW! (Plugin Of The Week) EP7! “Stereo Tool” | Making Music On a Budget

You’re broke. Face it, you started to go full in on your music career… You’ll be broke for a while, it’ll be worth it one day. For now, get some free plugins and stop breaking the bank and chasing the rabbit down the UAD rabbit hole (and if you’re working out of your bedroom on some $500 monitors, you won’t hear the difference anyways ;).

The Stereo Tool from Flux is one of our favorite plugins here at Radium and guess what? It’s completely FREE! No more cracking a bunch of plugins that you can’t afford, no more demo’s timing out in the middle of a complex mix that you promised a client, and no more being BROKE! Download it NOW and let Kevin “KDE” Beggs show you how to freak it!

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