The Radium Podcast EP58! “The New Algorithm” Ft. Daniel Rodriguez and Jase Harley

What happens when you get a best selling author, heavily decorated war hero, and entrepreneur together with an internationally recognized recording artist on The Radium Podcast??.. Tune in and find out!

Daniel Rodriguez is a best selling author, heavily decorated war hero, and entrepreneur. Following his tour in Afghanistan, Daniel came home to fulfill a promise to a fallen friend in combat… To get out, and play D1 football. Despite being wounded in combat, and suffering from PTSD, Daniel was able to overcome his physical and mental limitations, and impress the likes of Clemson Football Head Coach, Dabo Swinney. Following a successful career at Clemson, Daniel went on to earn a walk on spot for the Los Angeles Rams.

Today, Daniel tours the country, inspiring others with his story, and serves as an executive for a high potential startup company called “Hemp Hydrate”. Daniel also has bars…. Seriously.

Jase Harley is a self-described musician and cultural activist from New Jersey. As an independent artist, Jase has toured America and several European countries. He recently dropped his 3rd studio album entitled “Mt. Calvary: Life of an American Heathen.” Jase has recently garnered press surrounding his song “American Pharaoh” and Childish Gambino’s hit “This is America”. Gambino’s song sounds remarkably similar to Jase’s record. Not just rhythmically, but the ideology and message conveyed by the track are eerily similar… We get into the controversy and set the record straight!

Tap in and join the ride as we go through the mind of a musical genius.

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