Radium POW! Ep9 “Synth Sound Design” Using The Soundtoys Alterboy Plugin


Trap music has made sound design cool again! Also, it’s making everyone have to come up with fresh synth sound design ideas… What better way to make cool synth sounds then to use Soundtoys Alterboy!! The vst, au, aax audio plugin, Alterboy is amazing at making vocals sound great in a mix BUUUUT, it’s also awesome for designing new creative sounds! Take a trip with us… Let’s dive in and make some massive records, create some synth sounds, and be completely ridiculous. (Duh).

Step into this weeks episode of The Radium POW!! (Plugin Of The Week). Bradley Denniston dives into this world-class audio plugin from Soundtoys here at Radium Media headquarters to show you why this plugin has been used on massive hit records like “All The Stars” from Kendrick Lamar and SZA.

Tune in and hear it in action on a dope trap beat synth. 🎶 New episode drops every week so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and learn about all of our favorite plugins for production, composition, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering!

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