Radium Tutorials EP1! Mixing A Beat From Scratch (Stock Plugins Only!) In Logic Pro X

Blowing all your cash on UAD plugins? Spending hundreds of dollars on the waves bundles? (We know you’re not cracking them… Sinner 😉

If you’re in an untuned room with some cheap-o “studio” monitors from Guitar Center… SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

Bradley Denniston here at Radium Media studios is going to show you how to use Logic Pro X’s built in stock plugins to create a mixed and mastered beat from scratch! No UAD, no Waves, no Plugin Alliance, Monthly payments to that one guy for that one thing that you don’t even use!

The best part… We are making the full Logic Pro X session available for immediate download so you can dive into the inner-workings and save all the presets, channel strips, and tweak them to make them your own!

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⬇️ Download all the assets from this session

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