The Radium Podcast EP65! | “How To Get A Record Label Deal”

Record Labels have been the heroes and the bad guys of the music industry for the past decades. But one thing remains the same until this days, in the eyes of any entry level artist “to be signed ” is synonymous to “making it” in the industry. Well, not necessarily…

There are tons of different types of record deals out there, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion, Artistic, etc..and knowing how they work is essential to make a decision on staying independent or pitching yourself to a Major Label.

In the 65th episode of the Radium Podcast, Brad and Kev went deep into How and Why you should or shouldn’t get a record deal in 2019. So get your pen and paper ready to take notes, cause here it comes…

Ps. Oh you don’t need to read the whole thing, just sign in here first…✍️ 😈


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