Radium Media Does a Panel!

The Radium Media boys had the opportunity to talk on a panel at the Beauty and The Beats Event. The event took place at Dream Magic Studios and was a night full of fashion, music, and conversation. Following the panel was a Headlining performance by Ro James, and a fashion show to match.

The panel consisted of Bret Lockett, Precious Mayes, Isaac Whitney, Dorion Renaud, Keith Smith, and of course, Bradley and Kevin of Radium Media. The group opening discussed topics as well as answered questions from the crowd. Some of the topics included, how to start up a business, empowerment/inspiration, and how to invest. Some of the most biggest take-aways from the panel was to Find a Mentor, sacrifice everything to get where you want in your career, and as Bradley said, “sell your Mercedes for a more reasonable car.”

Photos by Juliana Civitate