The Radium Podcast EP4! Back for more!

Radium Media is back for more with episode four of Radium Podcast. This week Kevin and Bradley sit down and chat about The Black Panther Album going #1, 5G cellular technology, the booming of music streaming, Music while exercising, and lastly the reissue of a classic the Neumann U67.  Tune into the conversation to find out how culture hacking lead to movie ticket sales, New technology pushes new industry, how music consumption changes the market, music is close to steroids for working out, and lastly why bring back a legendary microphone.

Swing by next week as we bring on our first special guest.

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5G the next generation of cellular technology :

Streaming is booming :
99% of streamed music comes from 10% of available songs :
Listening to Music while exercising:

Neumann U67 Reissued :