Disney Plus, Apple Tv Plus, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max..
The armies are ready for the war. The good news is that in the middle of this crossfire, you can find huge opportunities to make more money of your music and maybe be the turnaround of your career in 2020.

In this 69th episode of the Radium Podcast, Brad and Kev pointed out every single opportunity that independent artist can find in the midst of the streaming wars. From Synch, Commercials to original beats…

So, get your best weapons and let’s win this battle!⚔️

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Check out the Episode 13 of Radium Media podcast! This week Kevin and Bradley talk about the newest release of “Solo: A Star Wars story”, with a huge budget and sales that don’t match up with the expectations of this classic saga. Also, Disney monopoly realizes they are able to launch their own streaming platform with all the material they own between Hulu, Marvel and Disney shows, and compete directly with Netflix. Staying in the same page of streaming topics, Kev and Brad bring us the latest news about Youtube Red fusing with Google Play to become Youtube Premium, and upcoming Producers creating (?) hundreds of beats with FL Studio. Drake and Pusha T on a dispute? Find out this and more on episode 13.

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Drake Vs. Pusha T:


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