The Radium Podcast episode 8 is here with their first guest, Todd Pritchard. Todd recently moved from Philadelphia to the Los Angeles area to continue to grow his music career with songwriting and great guitar playing. The topics in this podcast include Mark Zuckerberg’s testifying in front of Congress, net neutrality raising eyebrows, the rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify, box office predictions for Marvels “Avengers: Infinity War”, J Cole’s recent release of KOD, AVICII’s passing, and lastly a new way of sampling music. 

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Links to topics discussed in Podcast:

Zuckerberg testifies in front of congress:

Net Neutrality back on chopping block:

Spotify & Apple Music rivalry:

Marvels “Avengers: Infinity War” box office predictions:

J. Cole’s KOD set to be largest album release thus far of 2018:

AVICII passes away at 28 years old:

The new way of sampling and paying for it: