The Radium Podcast Episode 22 is here featuring Kevin and Brad. This podcast series was started with the intention of creating value for anybody in the music/media industry. Whether it’s an artist who dreams about making it big or a producer making beats out of their home studio to sell online, we aim to provide insight and helpful tips to get you to where you want to be. The topic that keeps coming back, marketing, once again took over the discussion with great points made including how to get the most out of one project, old versus new marketing techniques, and how you can find out who your audience is. Thank you for listening and make sure you tune in next week for an awesome new guest!

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The Radium Podcast is here with Episode 20 featuring Brad and Kevin. With relationships being so crucial in this cutthroat community, they stress the importance of creating value for others, thus creating value for yourself. For those looking to expand their brand, Brad has Kevin explain some of his first thoughts on when he’s asked to listen to someones music for advice. If you’re committed to your craft and are ready to hop on a wild ride, listen in for some helpful tips on how to win the long game.

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Radium Media is back at it for the next Radium Podcast. We are recording these weekly and we are really trying to grow a listener ship so please if you like our content spread the word and subscribe. We would love to hear you feed back as well so feel free to shoot any ideas on what you would like us to cover.

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Radium Media is very excited to announce that we have started a new weekly podcast! Similar to Radium TV we will be talking about our favorite topics of music, the music industry, technology, audio engineering, and music lifestyle. The podcast will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud starting with Episode 2. So give us a listen and a subscription!

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