Grab your eggnog because It’s Christmas (In August!).

To celebrate this festive date we prepared a very special plugin of the week, staring our favorite room modeling plugin. The Universal Audio Ocean Way Studios.

Differently from traditional reverbs, which mainly calculates just the reverberations of a place, this plugin has a dynamic algorithm that calculates every single change in the instrument sound in that environment. (isn’t amazing!?)

It’s the perfect plugin to place instruments in a room and really give that reality feel to a song. If you’re a nerd as we are, you’re gonna love this episode.

So Tune in and Here’s come Santa!..wait, I mean, well you got the point.🎅 🎹

Special Thanks To Andrew Morgan Smith for providing the song :


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Episode six of the Radium Media podcast… In this discussion, Bradley and Kevin speak on the latest music taking over the Billboards,  Amazon taking over new industries, Apple taking Spotify’s market share, RED Camera making Phones for the first time, and lastly Hans Zimmer making plugins. Stay tuned in to learn more on the music business with the latest news on the charts, technology, and in music production.


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