Marty Grimes (feat.G-Eazy) Big Stunts Production, Mixing and Mastering By Radium [Single] [November 2020]

Kia: The Features Film Music By Radium and Wolf At The Door [Commercial] [Jul 2020]

Netflix Original Anime: Cannon Busters Original Music by Radium Media [TV Series] [August 2019]

Coca-Cola A Coke is a Coke (Superbowl) Score Mixing By Radium [Commercial] [2019]

Petsmart “The Dog Chaperone” Composed by Radium & MAS [Commercial] [2019]

Progressive Insurance Bakery Commercial Composed by Radium & Wolf At The Door [Commercial] [2018]

Mansa Red Button (feat. G-Eazy) Recorded & Additional Production by Radium Media [Single] [2017]

Netflix Abstract: The Art of Design COMPOSED BY RADIUM & MARK MOTHERSBAUGH [TV Show] [2017]